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Registered Charity on the Causeway Coast?
Need an email and cloud solution to meet your needs?

We provide free advice and setup (nominal fee may apply for annual domain name)
Also advice on computer repairs and new equipment sourcing
Completely free to registered charities
Online Security
Up to 10 full Office Licences
Fully GDPR Compliant

Online Collaboration System

Discount on dozens of popular software items

Case Study

Castlerock Community Association

The Community Association needed an updated website and was using a personal email for the centre.

We updated the website and established a regular presence on Facebook with over 20,000 visits per year.

We applied for Microsoft Not-for-profit licences and The Association now has:

Customised emails for all committe members

A shared mailbox for incoming enquiries

Online collaboration tools.

Sharepoint for sub committee’s

Teams for Video conferencing

Links to Facebook and Instagram with the ability to take contribution online or even sell events tickets for fundraisers!